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Miniature Wedding Horses in Payson, AZ

When planning your country wedding in Payson and the surrounding Rim Country, make it special by including matching white miniature horses!

Experienced Wedding and Event Miniature Horses

Meet the two most experienced wedding horses in Payson, Arizona, now available for your special event in Strawberry, Pine, or Payson, Arizona!

"Peaches" (above on the left) is our 15-year-old mini-mare, and while we may be biased, is one of the most amazing miniature horse souls on the planet. She's rivaled only by our boy "Ace", who at 5-years old is the best behaved little "selfie" horse on the planet who's so curious and approachable he wins hearts old and young at every event he attends.

When we say "experienced" we mean it. With countless weddings and events behind them, we have the reviews to prove our minis are all business.

It can be difficult to find miniature horses that aren't ruined to a point where simply standing and other "horse abilities" required for good event horses aren't 'spoiled' out of them! Being as cute as they are it's easy to forget that miniature horses need to train the same as "big horses", with groundwork and fundamentals in a round pen that makes them truly great working horses and companion animals. Thanks to consistent training without treats and consistent socialization at our BNB, at retail events, and at rodeo/street performances around Payson over the years - our horses are used to being in crowds and around music, vehicles, and people of all kinds.

We follow strict rules with our horses, including no hand feeding and no treats for performances or tricks like bowing, which means our horses are performing and behaving out of respect for the humans who handle them and not for food rewards. This equates to a unique experience where guests are welcome to scratch, hug, and snuggle without fear of finger biting and kicking which is often associated with miniature horses who've been treated for tricks, more like large dogs than true horses.

Wedding Horse Pricing

Our pricing is designed to make it doable to include miniature horses in your next event or country wedding. Starting at $175 for transport and the first hour, plus a per-horse fee of only $75/hour after that (a two-hour minimum applies, total time, including transport) we're sure you'll find a huge value in our mini-horse event services.

Meet the Horses First!

If you're on the fence about our horses or simply want to meet them in advance of your event, we invite you to come by the mini ranch just North of Payson for a visit! Please call first or reach out on Facebook or Instagram to schedule as we typically have guests or events running year-round. We'll find a time that works to bring our family together with yours, and you can lead the horses around to "test drive" what makes our mini-horses the talk of the town.

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