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Seasonal Photos - June

Here you'll find photos taken at Elk Brook Ranch during the month of June.  We hope you'll find the photos useful for planning your visit or event!  Questions? Just reach out!

June Brings Warmer Weather and Greener Landscapes

While early June property conditions vary widely based on the timing of late Spring snowfalls and rainfalls here in Payson, by late June the property is almost always fully green.  We begin spot-watering in April and May so that by June and early Summer, we have lawns in perfect conditions for family games, weddings, or other events, event if that means just lazing on blankets in the shade during warmer, early Summer days.

Note that June is the start of our high season and all weekends are typically booked by end of March.

All of the photos below were taken over the years in June here at the Elk Brook Ranch property.  Note the rainfall photo - taken during an early monsoon in 2022.  Be careful to have a backup plan if planning your outdoor events late in the month of June. 


If we can answer any other questions about the weather or property in June - please just reach out!

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