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Help Us Fight Pancreatic Cancer

As you can imagine, when Melisa was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in February of 2022 it was quite a blow. We're through the initial shock of it and are learning fast. We have a plan, we have a great team, and we've started a blog to update everyone as we go.

I've had some people talk about how this should be private, and find it funny how we're so likely to share shiny, good news on social media - and often won't share the bad. Melisa stated to me early on that she won't hide from this - we won't run. So many of you have become more than just 'guests' over our seven years of hosting. Many of you come for multiple trips each year, and we share our tables, share our family time, share laughter and experiences. So why should this be different? We will share with you, just as we always do.

In that we know it may create burden or awkwardness for some. After all -"What do I say?"

Please don't feel you have to say anything. But positive thoughts and words of encouragement are welcome if you have them. Follow the details at, as we're sharing openly from this point forward.

WE REMAIN OPEN here at the mini-ranch, though we've scaled back events.

One of the best ways to support us or help in our fight is to book a stay with us, and continue to share with us. This little ranch and our wonderful guests have always been a source of happiness, and we welcome your laughter and kindness in 2022 and beyond.

Bright blessings and happiness on you all. Summer is coming, and it's going to be beautiful.

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