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What Your Wedding Bartender Should Ask!

If you're holding your wedding or elopement with us here at Elk Brook Ranch, we can supply a bartender for your event. Our bartending partners are qualified and certified and ready to assist - but will need a few questions answered to ensure your event goes off without a hitch!

  1. We prefer to host "open" bars for weddings here on the property. If you're expecting to host a cash bar, we'll need to speak before going further with planning.

  2. How will "self-service" work during the event?

  3. What type of alcohol will be served?

  4. Will there be a signature drink for the event?

  5. We do not provide alcohol, so please let us know who is providing the alcohol, mixers and garnishes?

  6. We handle the bar set and cleaning as part of bar rental fees - so no need to worry! If you're not using our bar - we'll need to know who's setting up and cleaning up!

  7. How long will the bar operate - from when to when (when is last call)?

  8. Where will the bar(s) be located? We have plenty of suggestions, but let us know if you have a preference.

  9. Will regular non-alcoholic drink service be done at the bar, too?

  10. Will there be a champagne toast? Who is handling that?

  11. How much ice will be needed? Who is providing the ice? How will the ice be stored?

  12. How will drinks be chilled and who is responsible for doing so?

  13. How many guests are of drinking age?

  14. What will happen to left over alcohol?

  15. How will the bar menu be displayed?

  16. Will the bartender, bar and/or alcohol need to be relocated during the event? If so, when and where? Please note there may be additional setup time and fees associated.

We want to help ensure your event is well served with our bartending services. If you're in planning mode on your wedding with us, using the list above should prove a helpful way to organize and pull off a wonderful experience for your wedding guests!

Still have questions? Just reach out!

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