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Payson Elopement in the Pines

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Join together for an elopement ceremony at a beautifully manicured 3 acre, creekside hide-a-way in Whispering Pines, complete with a babbling brook, matching white mini-horses as ring bearers, a professional photographer and Arizona marriage officiant as hosts of your venue.

Over 30 years ago, our 'elopement' was completed with old-school style, meaning the two of us standing at the front door of the Justice-of-the-Peace's house in rural Texas. Two questions, "Do you?" and "Do you, too?" led to two answers that changed our lives and started us on the road to epic adventure, wonderful kids, and a lifetime of memories we're still building day-by-day here in Whispering Pines. That old man was probably thinking' - "It'll never work..."

Our biggest piece of advice for those starting out? "Don't buy a weddin', buy a house!" Looking back to our beginnings 30 years ago with no ceremony beyond us and the Justice's wife as a witness, we don't miss the fact that in the eyes of many, we didn't have the dream wedding. And yet here we sit, still living the dream. Small venue "micro-weddings" or elopements with a few close friends and family can be as momentous an occasion as any grand wedding you can think up when see through the lens of decades of change. The commitments we made were made with a love and a passion that didn't require approval or pomp, and didn't cost us the money we didn't have. And after the many changes, ups, and downs, we look back on the commitment of our little ceremony. That country, red-neck elopement was a statement to the world bigger than any party we could have thrown, and we've no regrets.

We believe that smaller is good, whether we're talking horses or wedding ceremonies. We recommend a small venue because we know from experience that a small wedding is a path to a bigger love... and it's how we do it again after all these years.

Reach out if we can help with your special day. We'll offer a high touch, white glove elopement experience tailored to your group. And there's no better place to start an adventure than at the base of the mountains, in a valley, by a creek...

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