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Live Weather Camera in Whispering Pines

Get live images and live weather from our station here in the heart of Whispering Pines just North of Payson, Arizona.


For about a year now we've run a live weather station that provides live camera images, and live weather data via the Bloomsky application (available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store). The system has both a sky2 and storm unit that collects and measures wind/rain, and shows all the various weather metrics trended throughout the day.

We've struggled a bit with placement since the station is solar powered and the trees filter sunlight in various ways at various times of year. We've currently located the system along the fence line near the creek in hopes of catching the water flow, the elk, and the beautiful view.

The elk that frequently jump the back fence to get at our pasture grass show up on the camera all the time no matter where it's sitting. We considered calling it the "elk cam" - this cow walking along moments after the most recent move.

There's nothing like hyper-local live weather info - but one of the coolest features is the daily time-lapse movie that's available via mobile or web at the end of each day.

Daily time-lapse movies in the mobile app match the weather metrics to images, so it's easy to witness an entire day in about 30 seconds - viewing trending temperatures, humidity, wind, and rain throughout the ~14 hour daylight periods.

Any suggestions welcome and we hope the weather station proves useful to those staying at our creek side AirBNB here in Whispering Pines, and the broader community of forest dwellers here in Payson.

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