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Fishing in Whispering Pines, Payson, Arizona

Trout Fishing Pool at Second Crossing, Whispering Pines, Payson, Arizona

The waters of Rim Country around Whispering Pines have some of the best fishing Arizona has to offer. Whether you're fly fishing or dropping a cork in to catch some trout with the kids - the summer creek waters are full of trout holes up and down the East Verde. Here's some tips to help find the "stockies" while enjoying the beauty of the Central Arizona forests.


Fishing License Requirements

According to Arizona fishing regulations, all residents and non-residents of Arizona need a valid fishing license to pursue or catch fish in the state. Even when staying with us at the AirBNB on the creek in Whispering Pines, just because the creek is on private property doesn't mean you don't need a fishing license. Unless the person fishing is blind - the only exception is for kids 10 and under who are fishing with a valid license holder 18 and older, and even then only two unlicensed kids under 10 can fish with the license holder. For more info on who needs what license - read up on the fish and game website. The good news is - fishing licenses are digital now and available right from our cabin via the AZ Game and Fish Online license website.

Fishing on the Creek at the AirBNB

There's nothing better than waking up, grabbing your coffee, walking out the backdoor and dropping a line in the water. During summer months, Fish and Game stock 8-10 inch trout all along the East Verde, which means trout passing through the property most weekends from early summer to early fall. The schedule posts every year, and is available on the AZ Game and Fish website. We always recommend guests check the fish stocking schedule and locations before venturing out.

The creek behind the Chandler's AirBNB in Whispering Pines, Payson, AZ.
The creek behind the Chandler's AirBNB in Whispering Pines, Payson, AZ.

Catching trout out in the backyard and bringing them straight to the grill on the back porch is a story you'll tell over and over - and we highly recommend starting your fishing adventure right at the Chandler's AirBNB on the creek! Depending on the morning or the evening, we've seen our AirBNB guests bring out as many as 12 trout in one session!

Fishing from Crossing to Crossing

On your way out to Whispering Pines from Payson around mile marker 8 on Houston Mesa Road, you'll come to First Crossing. It's the bridge right before the Water Wheel trail head. This is the first of five major crossings in and around Whispering Pines, and one of the three crossings we like to fish that are South of our property. Our favorite areas are between Second and Third crossing - where you'll find stretches of the creek separated by several large pools that offer great options for fly fishing.

East Verde Trout Fishing Pool in Whispering Pines, Payson, Arizona
East Verde Trout Fishing Pool in Whispering Pines, Payson, Arizona


There are so many fishing opportunities in the area it would be easy to drop spot after spot, but part of fishing the back water streams of Rim Country is the exploration factor. The photos here aren't staged - they are everyday photos of every day beauty you'll have a chance to discover during your stay.

Stock Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing Whispering Pines, Payson, AZ

Fishing conditions change quickly, as do the water levels in the creek. Check local water conditions on the East Verde, check stocking schedules, and sign up for the Arizona trout challenge. Fishing Rim Country streams around Whispering Pines is a great place to start!

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