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Gila Trout Everywhere

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

The new AZGAF programs are working, and with stocking every week this spring, the fly fishing in and around Whispering Pines in Payson, AZ couldn't be better!

If you've never caught Gila trout before now's your chance. Working with Payson's local chapter of Trout Unlimited and the Payson Flycasters, AZFAG have really come though with new habitats around 2nd and 3d crossing that are teaming with Gilas. While a few wild rainbow remain, most everything coming off the hook is a Gila now - and we're stoked.

They are beautiful trout, and we've caught several 10-14 inchers in the last few weeks that ended up coming home with us to meet our grill and fill our stomachs.

If you're staying with us this summer, the bridge is an easy 5-8 min walk from the house on paved Houston Mesa Rd. Third crossing offers easy access to the river with ample parking and bathroom amenities.

That said - the biggest trout I've caught this spring was early March, right here on the property on the North side of the creek frontage behind the Airbnb cabin. Why wonder, when you can step off the back patio and catch a Gila right here at 'home'!

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