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A "Must See" Rim Country Lake

One of the things we love about hosting on Airbnb is the opportunity to chat with people to find out what they like, and then fit our local knowledge to their sense of adventure and send them off in to Rim Country with a list of local 'must see' things we think will suit them.

On nearly every list we create, you'll find we jot down "Rim Lakes", and the one we point them to more often than not is Woods Canyon. This forested lake is top of my list for stand up paddle boarding, fishing, and hiking and should not be missed if you can spare the time. A short 30 min drive from Payson's main intersection, the trip down 260 and across the Rim to the lake is worth the effort.

Woods Canyon Lake. Photo: Tim Chandler 2019
Woods Canyon Lake. Photo: Tim Chandler 2019

So why Woods Canyon over the other Rim Country Lakes? Well - if you're taking the whole family the amenities can't be beat.

Woods Canyon has paved roads that lead right to free parking at the edge of the water. Forget your sunscreen, fishing bait, or water bottle? Not to worry - there's a friendly little store at the marina where you can pick up the necessities. And for those who need it, there are public restrooms at the site.

For those who love the water, stand up paddle boards and kayaks are available for rent at the dock during the summer months. Boats with trolling motors are offered as well to get you and the family out on the water and over the local fishes, including trout, perch, and bass. The lake is stocked regularly with trout from the Tonto Creek hatchery, and when stocking is on during the week the bald eagles and other raptors tend to put on an amazing display as they swoop in for a tasty bite! It's a photographer's heaven, especially if you're looking to take photos of America's symbol, the bald eagle, over the water.

Experience Stand Up Paddle Boarding with Tim Chandler on Woods Canyon Lake.  Photo: Tim Chandler 2019 | @TryStandUp on FB.
Woods Canyon Lake Stand Up Paddle boarding. Photo: Tim Chandler

Combine the amenities with the amazing natural beauty and wildlife of the lake, and we think you'll agree Woods Canyon is top of the list for 'must see' natural beauties in Rim Country. Now grab a fishing rod and head out there!



If you're staying at our Airbnb in Whispering Pines, you'll head back through Payson and out 260 East to get to the lake. Stock up at Walmart on the way past and fill up with gas as you head out of town. You may get distracted by the amazing views off the Rim Trail and want to stay, or drive around to see the other lakes in the area. A bite of food, extra watter, and the extra gas may turn your lake trip in to an all day Rim Country adventure!

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